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Plastic Straw (1kg)

Plastic Straw (1kg)

A plastic straw for fly glue is a simple yet effective method to trap and catch flies. It involves using a plastic straw as a container to hold a sticky glue substance that attracts and traps flies.

Here's how it works:

  1. Take a plastic straw and cut it into smaller segments, about 2-3 inches in length. You can use scissors or a knife to do this.

  2. Prepare a sticky glue substance. There are commercial fly glue traps available, or you can make your own by mixing a sticky substance like honey or corn syrup with a small amount of water to create a thick, gooey consistency.

  3. Dip one end of the plastic straw segment into the sticky glue substance, coating it generously.

  4. Hang or place the plastic straw traps in areas where flies are commonly found, such as near windows, doors, or garbage bins. You can use a string or adhesive tape to hang them or simply place them on flat surfaces.

  5. The sticky glue on the plastic straw acts as a trap for flies. When a fly is attracted to the sweet smell of the glue, it lands on the straw and gets stuck in the sticky substance.

  6. Over time, the straw can accumulate multiple trapped flies, and you can replace it with a new one when it becomes full or loses its stickiness.

This method is a low-cost and environmentally friendly way to control flies without the use of harmful chemicals. However, it's important to place the traps out of reach of children and pets to prevent accidental contact with the sticky glue.

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